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Palapye Half Marathon

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The fourth edition of Palapye Half Marathon will be held on Sunday June 14th, 2020 at the Majestic Five Hotel in Palapye, Botswana. The race will be one of the most memorable and exciting races you will ever run in the country! #Run_The_Race_With_Passion!

This race will take you through the famous A1 road and introduce you to the vibrant village of Palapye.  Participants should be ready to feel heart-warming reception from the residents as the race takes them through various main roads in town. Runners will have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful landscape emerging through the village including some key areas such as the beautiful malls along the A1 road, main Kgotla, old mall shopping complex, the Lotsane River and bridge, the Science, Engineering and Technology University (BIUST) stemming from the far south, the water treatment plant and other key areas of interest in Palapye such as the Tswapong Hills.

The distance covered by the half marathon route is basically a tarred road with a flat surface making it easier for runners to enjoy. The 10Km race and the 10Km Walk Race have an ascending and descending landscape. The distance covered will be from the beautiful Majestic Five Hotel on the A1 road to the wimpy robot and back to the start point. Runners will have an opportunity to see Palapye’s tall buildings and projects such as the new Morupule B power plant, Hotels and new malls. The 4Km Fun Run race will give participants an opportunity to gauge their speed on a short distance from the beautiful Majestic Hotel to Lotsane Senior School and return.

Race information

Dates: Sunday 14 June 2020, Palapye

The Half marathon race will start at 0700hours, 10Km race will start at 0730hours, 10Km Walk Race at 0745hours and the 4Km Fun race will start at 0845hours.

Start/Finish Venue:

All the races will start and finish at Majestic Five Hotel. Participants will be provided with a race number. All race winners will receive medals at the end of the race. Cash prices will be deposited to their accounts.


During the month of April the weather is usually cool and sunny. Participants can expect temperatures of around 14-30 degrees Celsius which are typically good for runners. Vests or light t-shirts are the recommended clothing items for race.

Race Eligibility

The Half marathon race (21.1Km) is open to persons with 18 years or more. Persons with 16 years or more must provide an approval letter from parents.

The 10Km race and the 4Km fun race are open to persons with ages from 12 years or more.

Corporate challenges, groups and Schools may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for reduced registration fees or call +267 74395239/75480087 or more information. Groups should be made of ten participants or more.