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Cash and sanitary pads donations have been provided to House of Hope and Patikwane CJSS female students respectively in 2018.

Giving to the less fortunate groups in the central region is one way of expressing our deep felt love for the community. Palapye Half Marathon organisers are very committed to giving not only by providing financial support but putting a helping hand where there is a need in the disadvantaged groups. We are motivated to create an improved sense of well-being in the communities. We believe that our joined donations with our potential sponsors will go a long in enhancing the lifes of people in central region. We are also motivated to carry on with the VISION 2016 pillar of a compassionate and a caring nation. We believe in love and that if shared, it will not only be enriched in our hearts but in the hearts of those around us. We run this race with passion!


- Preschool for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in the Palapye Area.
- Support groups for people living with, or affected by HIV/AIDS. This is aimed at providing social and economic support for these people.
- Total Care Program, this is a psychosocial support program that provides care not just for patients, but also their caregivers.
- Identification and referral of vulnerable children to relevant authorities (e.g. The Department of Social Services)

House Of Hope Trust