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Central Sports Centre is a citizen owned company born in June 2016 with the intention of promoting participation in sports and recreation activities in the Central region of Botswana. The company was registered in July 2016 by the register of companies. Central Sports Centre exist to organise sporting activities that will not only foster positive living but enhance the quality of life through various events such as annual marathon, motor and quad bike races, football and Netball tournaments. The company encourages participation from residents of all Central areas of Botswana and outside. Serowe Sports Complex has been identified as an ideal venue for hosting all the field events.

Strategic direction


The Company aims to be the Centre of sports excellence in the region, Botswana and beyond.

Mission statement

1. Central Sports Centre is committed to promoting participation in sports and recreation activities by organising annual events in the central region.
2. Our purpose is also to improve the quality of life amongst the communities of the central region by raising awareness on the importance of fitness, health and wellness.
3. To financially support charity organisations in the region through the profits generated.


Excellence: we challenge ourselves to work hard to produce excellence
Collaboration: we believe our partnership with sponsors will help us achieve more.
Giving: We believe giving will enhance the esteem of the less fortunate
Responsiveness: we respond to community needs
Social Responsibility: we engage to community meet the socio economic needs
Talent: to explore, develop and manage raw talent
Healthy Living: we believe that a happy community is a health community.